On June 14, 2017 the Carbon Productivity Consortium convened a Basecamp to explore how to catalyse a transition from “business as usual” to breakthrough solutions to reverse global warming. The session involved approximately 80 stakeholders with diverse expertise from business, government, civil society and academia, from the UK, Europe, Japan, China, India and North America.

To set the tone for what is both necessary and possible, participants heard about Project Drawdown from author Paul Hawken, and Climate Take Back  from Interface’s CSO Erin Meezan. Consortium members summarised their work on the prototype Carbon Productivity Tool, designed to help businesses identify how to increase the financial, social and environmental value created from the carbon used. And then it was over to the Basecamp participants to explore how to catalyse an exponential reduction – and eventual reversal – of greenhouse gas emissions.

This page features the highlights from the event, speeches from keynote speakers and panels and commentary from some of the thought leaders who joined the Basecamp.

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Among the day’s conclusions:

  • Participants showed real commitment to spurring a shift from incremental, ‘Change-as-Usual’ (1%-10% change per year) to increasingly exponential ‘Breakthrough’ solutions, offering 10x improvements on current performance
  • Carbon productivity is seen as a key to unlocking effective, efficient and value creating solutions to climate change
  • Apparently competitive initiatives are signalling a growing interest in collaborating