A 10x

A 10x improvement in
the value we create per
unit of fossil carbon used.

Business leaders, government ministers and change-makers throughout the world are struggling with the two defining challenges of our time: elusive productivity growth and impending climate catastrophe.

For too long these challenges have been approached by seeking out marginal, incremental improvements. It’s time for exponential, breakthrough change. A 10x improvement in carbon productivity – the value we create per unit of fossil carbon used – would simultaneously deliver a sustainable climate and prosperous world.

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This enormous challenge is already being embraced by leading-edge businesses. A new mindset is emerging, one that sees managing climate change-causing carbon as an opportunity rather than a liability. Carbon productivity is part of this changing perspective, a focus on practical solutions that grow businesses by radically de-coupling them from using fossil fuels and optimising the value created. In other words, ‘maximising the return on carbon invested’.

From schools to pensions, healthcare to defence, rising resource productivity, like labour productivity, will be essential to meet society’s rising needs; especially if we are to step up to the demands of meeting the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Many of the potential solutions are already here, from game-changing materials like graphene and carbon fibre or revolutionary technologies that capture carbon from the atmosphere and use it to create everyday products. A 10x boost to carbon productivity is not only necessary, it’s possible and those that lead the way will define tomorrow’s more social, lean, integrated and circular economy.

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