Carbon productivity is part of a wider change in perspective where pioneering individuals and organisations are "reimagining carbon".

More and more actors are driving forward innovation, technology and narratives that help tackle climate change while delivering social and financial value. Our goal with this map is to capture and visualise the relationships between those who have relevance in the wider climate change agenda in order to aid connections and collaborations that increase carbon productivity.

By its nature the map is a work-in-progress, steadily growing to incorporate a fuller picture of the key stakeholders. Given the scale of activity on these issues, the map is incomplete and we’re thankful to the many stakeholders who have been generous with nominating individuals and organisations they think should be represented here.

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Who is on this map?

  1. Organisations and individuals who have a mission or mandate regarding carbon productivity specifically, or climate change more broadly
  2. Additional stakeholders who are connected to them in some way, e.g. by funding, partnering or otherwise influencing the climate agenda
  3. Businesses who are “carbon committed” and have public, ambitious, science-based, long-term goals on climate impacts
  4. Businesses who are “carbon innovating,” whose business models create financial value through positive climate impacts

In some instances companies are both carbon committed and carbon innovating.

Where did the data come from?

All of the information contained in this map has been sourced
from publicly available online documents.